ICTSI new world record in „moves per hour“

The Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) broke its turnaround productivity record during the visit of the Yang Mind Mutuality and made 100 berth moves-per-hour for the first time.

Record in "container movements per hour".

Basra Gateway Terminal (BGT) broke its turnaround productivity record during the Yang Mind Mutuality visit, making 100 berth movements per hour for the first time, according to International Container Terminal Services Inc (ICTSI). BGT in Iraq recorded 1,768 movements on the 6,589-TEU vessel in 17.5 hours. Phillip Marsham, BGT CEO, commented, "Breaking the 100 movements per hour barrier is a proud moment for all of us at BGT. It is a testament to our commitment to delivering new service benefits to all our customers and playing a leading role in developing the overall service capability of the Port of Um Qasr."


Wölfer is part of the world record

Wölfer would like to take this opportunity to congratulate BGT on setting this record. Wölfer is proud to be a part of this success. The high performance motors from Osnabrück helped BGT to run temporary overloads. Wölfer's high standards enable the motors to perform reliably under extreme peak loads while delivering extremely high torque. This is also the reason why Wölfer was able to prevail against a well-known international company from Germany and win this order. Thus it becomes clear: Wölfer makes records possible! After the turbulent times, this statement on the international stage is proof that Wölfer is future-oriented and that the quality of these special machines with their high-performance motors for the field of lifting technology has been unmatched for over 75 years.


Precisely fitting solutions from Wölfer

Especially for this record-breaking event, FWO was able to offer precisely fitting solutions despite increased requirements. Although external influences on site affected the engine, functionality and performance could not be allowed to suffer. Ambient temperatures of over 50 °C had to be taken into account, which had a massive impact on the cooling capabilities and insulation of the engine. Likewise, precipitation with very high salt content could not be allowed to affect the longevity of the engines, as the company wanted to meet its own demands of engine longevity and reliability. One of the solutions to handle these challenges of compensating for salt water and dryness is a special paint finish. These engines enabled the crane to get the appropriate performance to move 2 containers at the same time during the loading and unloading operations, which significantly influenced the record. This technology is already installed in several berths of BGT. In total, several new berths have been developed at BGT East, offering a design depth of 14 meters alongside and served by five modern ship-to-shore cranes.

Technische Daten:
  • Product type: DRKF 315L-6T

  • Rated power: 91 kW

  • Ambient temperature: +55°C

This level of performance has already been provided at several port facilities and could lead to further records being broken and Wölfer, as a special machinery manufacturer, being one step ahead of the competition in your market segment. But it is exactly this step that is needed to create movement in the world.

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