Technical Support

Your concern is our claim

We understand the smooth and problem-free functioning of your system as our claim. We understand that a breakdown of machines or systems has serious economic consequences. We help you and rely on a customer-oriented and quick solution. We therefore offer you service and technical support for all three-phase asynchronous motors of sizes 250 to 450, as well as for squirrel-cage and slip ring motors up to a nominal voltage of 690V and a power range from 60kW to 2000kW. On request, we also help with your individual sizes and performance requirements.

In particular, we offer the following services:

  • Inspection inspection Inspection of defective three-phase motors

  • Worldwide service use by our contractual partners Assessment and cost determination of the repair

  • Documented damage analysis

  • Maintenance Wölfer three-phase motors

  • Electrical inspection of the winding Create new windings

  • Spare parts deliveries and service

Whether your request is for the production of high-performance and high-quality electric motors or you have questions about service and technical support, Wölfer sees this as a matter close to your heart and is available to you at the phone number or email provided. We can also supply new motors on request.