Rubber tyred gantry crane motors

Rubber Tyred Gantry (RTG) Crane motors

RTG Crane motors made by Wölfer stand out on account of their robust design and their very high performance capacity.

The drive power of a hoist motor depends primarily on the lifting speed. For rubber tyred gantry crane motors it’s between approx. 250 kW and 355 kW. The trolley of this gantry crane is moved with 2 to 4 drives, each with an output of 25 kW. To drive the crane, the rubber-tyred wheels are equipped with 4 to 16 motors, each with an output of 15 to 30 kW.

Our electric motors are designed taking into account the environmental conditions such as operating time or ambient temperatures. To optimize a motor we consider for example partial load operation (S3) or frequency converter operation (S9). Specially manufactured windings ensure increased availability of the motors. They protect the windings effectively and over the long term against the effects of partial discharges from frequency converter operation.

Our hoist motors in Rubber-Tyred Gantry Cranes

  • Power range: 2.2 to 400 kW
  • Frame sizes: 100 to 560 according to IEC 60034-1
  • Protection classes: IP 23 to IP 67 according to IEC 60034-5
  • Nominal voltages: up to 690 V
  • Number of poles: 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-pole versions, further options on request
  • Mounting: All according to IEC standard 60034-7
  • Cooling types: internal fan, external fan, without fan, heat exchanger (IC01, IC06, IC71W, IC86W, IC416, IC410, IC411, IC511)
  • For frequency converter operation
  • Brakes and encoders or any other additional features upon request

Electric drives instead of diesel drives for RTGs

For maximum mobility, RTG cranes were originally equipped with diesel drives. For some years now, however, there has been a clear trend towards electrified gantry cranes. The advantage of gantry cranes with electric motors is a low-maintenance and more reliable energy supply. The significant reduction in diesel consumption through the use of electric motors is not only a more environmentally friendly solution, but also an economic argument for port operators.

Wölfer motors are individually manufactured for the use in RTG, In contrast to serial motor production, they have an extremely high level of efficiency. The increased overload capacity of the motors is also often used to optimize the drives. This greatly reduces energy costs in normal operation.

A system equipped with Wölfer motors pays for itself in a short time. We deliver the RTG motors directly to the crane builder and also offer spare parts deliveries and services.

Dipl.-Oec. Ulrich T. Beholz, General Sales Manager

Reference List for RTG crane motors (Extract)

Port of Quasim (Pakistan) RTG Cranes: Hoist, Trolley, Gantry
Port of Shekou (China) RTG Cranes: Hoist, Trolley, Gantry
Port of Ningbo (China) RTG Cranes: Hoist, Trolley, Gantry
Port of Xiamen (China) RTG Cranes: Hoist, Trolley, Gantry
Port Said (Egypt) RTG Cranes: Hoist, Trolley, Gantry
Port of Mauritius (Mauritus) RTG Cranes: Hoist, Trolley, Gantry

What are Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTG cranes)

Rubber Tired Gantry Cranes (RTG cranes) are mobile, rubber-tired bridge cranes that are used in particular for the efficient stacking of standard containers. In contrast to the traditional fixed gantry cranes or the rail-mounted gantry cranes, RTG cranes are mobile. The gantry crane with rubber tires works on the same principle. The only exception: the entire rig can be moved from one place to another. The crane that sits on the rig is also mobile.

Gantry cranes with rubber tires come in different spans and heights. Between its columns, about 3-6 containers can be stacked next to each other and 3-5 containers on top of each other.

The essential feature of the so-called automated RTG crane systems (ARTG) is that they can be used on greenfield and brownfield container terminals. These crane systems are usually used as 8-wheel or 16-wheel cranes. What makes them special is their suitability for use in container depots with different, rough surfaces. An ARTG system usually includes a complete control infrastructure for forklifts and a decentralized control station.

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