Hoist motors

Three phase asynchronous motors made by Wölfer stand out on account of their robust design and their very high performance capacity. 

They are individually manufactured in accordance with our customers' requirements. The use of special rotors with appropriately adapted geometry makes it possible to achieve excellent control qualities. A high pull out torque guarantees safe operation in the field weakening.
On account of their low moment of inertia, these highly dynamic drive motors have the advantage of shorter acceleration time combined with reduced frequency converter current. Consequently smaller frequency converters and reduced cable cross sections can frequently be used.

Nominal voltages up to a maximum of 690 volts as well as frequencies and rated speeds are freely selectable for our motors, providing physical and mechanical limit values are observed. Special insulations and special winding wires are used which are almost completely resistant to partial discharges which ensue in frequency converter operation. Many different kinds of control and protection equipment are also available. Furthermore, it is also possible to integrate holding brakes, separately driven fans and other components. All the motors have excellent regulation properties which also means low life-cycle costs.

Three-phase asynchronous motors for squirrel cage and slipring motors

  • range of power: 2.2 to 2000 kW
  • frame sizes 100 to 560 in conformity with IEC
  • types of protection IP 23 to IP 56
  • nominal voltage up to 690 V
  • in 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-pole design
  • designs: all in conformity with IEC standard
  • types of cooling: self-ventilated, separately ventilated, without ventilator, heat exchanger