Crane vessel motors

Crane vessel motors made by Wölfer stand out on account of their robust design and their very high performance capacity.

Cranes which are set up on the decks of ships, also known as floating cranes, are produced as mast cranes in a variety of different designs. As compared with container cranes, they move their loads at a very low speed.

Against this, however, they hoist loads of up to 7000 tonnes. Several hoisting motors operate on a parallel basis in floating cranes. Their total output can amount to several 1000 kilowatt. Such drive motors have to be extremely resistant to sea water, particularly as they are installed on deck.

The "Asian Herkules II" is a prestige crane with a carrying power of 5000 tonnes, for which we supplied the motors in the late 1990s, and the Dutch company Holec supplied the frequency inverters.