Rail Mounted Gantry

Rail mounted gantry crane motors

Motors for rail-mounted gantry cranes from Wölfer are characterized by their robust construction and their very high performance capacity. They are used in container terminals all over the world.

Wölfer has been one of the quality and technology leaders in the manufacture of crane motors for more than 70 years. Our rail-mounted gantry crane motors are completely manufactured in Germany. 

The productivity and reliability of a gantry crane depends primarily on the electric motors that drive the trolley and hoist. Wölfer RMG crane motors guarantee a high level of efficiency and are extremely reliable. Like all of our motors, our gantry crane motors are subjected to a final test in our CSA-certified test stand in accordance with international specifications.

Three-phase squirrel cage motors for RMG cranes

  • Power range: 2.2 to 400 kW
  • Frame sizes: 100 to 560 according to IEC 60034-1
  • Protection classes: IP 23 to IP 67 according to IEC 60034-5
  • Nominal voltages: up to 690 V
  • Number of poles: 4-, 6-, 8- or 10-pole versions, further options on request
  • Mounting: All according to IEC standard 60034-7
  • Cooling types: internal fan, external fan, without fan, heat exchanger (IC01, IC06, IC71W, IC86W, IC416, IC410, IC411, IC511)
  • For frequency converter operation
  • Brakes and encoders or any other additional features upon request

Motors individually manufactured according to your specifications

Wölfer RMG crane motors are individually manufactured for your portal crane system. In contrast to series motors, they are extremely efficient. Often the increased overload capacity of the motors is used to optimize the drive. This greatly reduces energy costs in normal operation. A system equipped with Wölfer motors pays for itself in a short time.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of drive solutions that are essential for the efficient operation of container crane systems. Our team of qualified development engineers, excellently trained skilled workers and motivated sales professionals will plan the tailor-made drive solution for your crane system for you.

The advantages of Wölfer crane motors 

  • Excellent control properties, even in the high speed range
  • High breakdown torques for a safe speed range up to the upper field weakening range
  • Low moment of inertia, low starting current and short acceleration time
  • Robust motor housing and specially insulated windings
  • Because of the lower current, smaller cables and inverters can be used
  • Compact design and smaller weight
  • Low maintenance and service costs
  • Use of specially designed rotors with special slots
  • TÜV-certified company (DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015)

RMG crane motors with optimized drive power

The drive power of a hoist motor depends primarily on the hoisting speed and is between approx. 250 and approx. 400 kilowatts. The trolley is moved with 2 to 4 motor, each with an output of 25 kilowatts. To drive the crane, the steel wheels are often equipped with 8 or 12 electric motors, each with an output of 25 to 30 kilowatts.

The performance capacity is designed taking into account the environmental conditions such as operating time or ambient temperature. For example, partial load operation (S3) or operation on the frequency converter (S9) is taken into account in order to optimize the motors. Specially insulated windings protect the RMG crane motors long-term against the effects of partial discharges from frequency converter operation.

What are Rail Mounted Gantry Cranes (RMG cranes)?

Rail mounted gantry cranes or bridge cranes are used for efficient, space-saving stacking of standard containers in a row. RMG cranes are available in different spans and heights. Between its pillars there is space for about 6-20 containers lengthways.

The gantry crane runs on crane rails on the floor, with the crane bridge resting on the traveling gantry supports. The rails can be laid freely or sunk into the ground. This is the main difference to the freely movable RTG cranes.

Wölfer Motoren reference projects for rail-bound gantry cranes

Wölfer motors for rail-bound gantry cranes are mainly used in cargo handling and storage areas in port facilities. But they are also used in assembly halls, in shipyards and on track construction trains.

Are you looking for rail mounted gantry crane motors ? Send us your request and we'll make you an attractive and tailored offer.