Ship to Shore (STS) Crane motors

Ship to Shore (STS) Crane motors made by Wölfer stand out on account of their robust design and their very high performance capacity. 

Ship to Shore crane systems are installed in all ports around the world to transport containers from ship to shore or from shore to ship. These crane systems are expected to provide a defined performance in a given time.

In order to be able to unload large container ships economically, so-called twins / double spreaders are used today. These make it possible to move two containers at the same time. A further increase is achieved with the use of the double stroke drive. It enables two 40-foot containers or four 20-foot containers to be moved at the same time. A loading capacity of 25, 50 or even up to 80 containers per hour is theoretically possible.

These crane systems often have a weight of over 2000 tons and are often moved with 24 travel drives with an output of around 25 kilowatts per motor. Containers are lifted at a speed of up to 100 meters per minute. When lowering, speeds of up to 180 meters per minute are achieved, with an acceleration / deceleration of 0.8 to 1.2 m / s² being required. This requires 2 or 4 drive motors with an output of up to 1000 kilowatts per motor. The cats, which are often roped, reach speeds of 240 meters per minute. An output of around 400 kilowatts is provided for this purpose. The retraction mechanism has an output of up to 500 kilowatts, depending on the outreach or tree length, and retracts the tree within 3-5 minutes.

We mainly supply motors to crane suppliers ABB, Converteam, General Electric and Siemens. Our drives for STS cranes have become indispensable in the European ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg and Bremerhaven as well as in ports around the world. The largest STS container cranes in Hamburg went into operation with our drives. In the summer of 2008, six new, even larger cranes were installed at Hamburger Hafen Logistik AG (HHLA), for which we also supplied all of the drive motors. These cranes differ from others in that they are designed with double hoists. Four hoist motors with a drive power of 1000 kilowatts each are installed.

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