Marine duty motors

Our compact special motors are constructed for use under extreme stress conditions in the shipping industry, in particular for bow and stern thrusters on container ships with container capacities in excess of 5,000 TEU.

They match to the rules of all well-known classification societies, fulfil the requirements of insulation class F and convince by their optimised energy balance.

These motors are also available with heat exchangers. Furthermore holding brakes, separately drive fans, anti-condensation heaters and other components can be additionally integrated.

Squirrel cage motors for bow or stern thrusters

  • optimisation of start procedure by using:

  • star-delta-start,

  • starting transformator
  • frequency inverter
  • an insulated bearing is recommended for motors for inverter operation.

Slipring motors for bow or start thrusters

  • speed regulation by using resistors which can be switched off

Hoist motors on vessels

  • optimised starting characteristic

  • excellent control characteristics, also in high range of speeds

  • low moment of inertia


  • speed regulation by frequency inverters
  • protection IP56, type of cooling IC410
  • equipped with brakes and encoders for offshore applications

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