Technical Support

From consulting to manufacturing, maintenance, servicing and repair to the complete conversion or new construction of complex electric motors for use in hoist technology and shipbuilding - at Wölfer you are provided with everything from a single source.

Customer solutions

Our customers have a very wide range of different technical requirements for their special motors, depending on the application for which they are intended. We therefore construct motors according to individual customer specifications so they are perfectly suited to the application for which they are required. The following projects will give you a good impression of how very versatile our motor production is.

Standard solutions

In addition to individually adapted motors, we also offer you standardised solutions for use in general mechanical engineering, in hoisting equipment and in shipbuilding. We produce reliable, robust, efficient motors of all common IEC type series and deliver within a short period throughout the world. Put us to the test.

Delivery time

The delivery time „FCA Osnabrück“ for technical completly defined motors is 14 weeks, calculated from PO-date. For motors, which will be designed and produced according to customer specifications, the delivery time „FCA Osnabrück“ is 18 weeks, calculated from PO-date. For higher numbers of motors partial deliveries might be agreed.