Generational change to continue shaping the future!

Today it was announced that Franz Wölfer will have a new managing director from December 1st, 2020. Josef Winkels confidently hands over the management to his successor Ralf Müller. Mr. Winkels will stay with the company and will advise the new managing director at the side of the new managing director from previous experience.

Mr. Josef Winkels took over the management in January 2018. During this time he has achieved a lot and had to overcome some hurdles. He quickly led the company into calmer waters and encouraged both the banks and the Wölfer family to give money to the traditional company with its branded product, the “Wölfer Motor”, in order to enable the employees to continue to have a future. "Because of its high quality, the Wölfer engine from Osnabrück is a product valued all over the world," said Josef Winkels at the time.

During this time there was a lot of organizational restructuring; the machine park was completed and departments partially restructured. The previously outsourced purchasing was completely rebuilt and the leeway that had been lost was regained. Now new procurement channels could be launched in order to no longer be dependent on individual suppliers. Old target groups and collaborations with former trading partners should also be reactivated in order to generate broader sales opportunities. It went off well. But the chosen path was again imponderable due to a critical major project and so Mr. Winkels had to give the company to bankruptcy in early 2019 in coordination with the family. However, by acting in good time and cooperating with the creditors, the company was able to carry out this in self-administration and ultimately successfully complete it in just six months. In September 2019, the resumption of business as an independent company was officially declared. During that time, a traditional, family-run company from the field of electric motor construction was won over as a suitable investor. The Franz Wölfer company has now become part of the Menzel Group, but can and should continue to act independently - as Mr. Menzel expressly wants.

After the bankruptcy, the trust of regular customers in the performance and the high-quality engines, which is gradually increasing again, is currently being burdened by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is a burden for all companies. However, all points are set in such a way that things will rise again. The company has done its homework and is willing to confidently present its “Wölfer” brand in its niche again. After this turbulent time, the baton is handed over to someone from the technical area. The knowledge and skills that Mr. Ralf Müller, who comes from electric motor construction, brings to the company are extremely valuable for further development. The company thanks Mr. Winkels for his commitment, for his targeted guidance through a turbulent company phase and is confident that it will continue to move successfully through a future that will certainly remain exciting with him as a consultant and Mr. Müller as the expert managing director.