Wölfer tested prototype for new water-jacket-cooled-motor-series successfully

In January this year Franz Wölfer Elektromaschinenfabrik Osnabrück GmbH testest the first water-jacket-cooled-three-phase-squirrel-cage-motor with a rated power of 230kW – S1 successfully. This motor is the prototype of the new water-jacket-cooled-motor-series, which Wölfer will introduce to the market.

Wölfer is well known as customized-motor-OEM for hoist-applications, especially for container-handling, as well as for the offshore-market. The motors from Wölfer persuade by their robust design, excellent dynamic characteristics and their reliability.

In 2016 Wölfer developed the first water-jacket-cooled-three-phase-motor for inverter operation. Currently we are further technical optimzations to increase the max. possible power from a motor compared to standard. By this new developed cooling system it is possible to use more compact, lighter and more dynamic motors in Wölfer-quality. As all other motors from Wölfer, even these water-jacket-cooled-motors persuade by the individually designed hand-windings, very low moment of inertia and a pull-out torque of up to 450%. Additionally it is for sure possible to equippe the motors with all kind of auxiliaries and extras, like temperature sensors for the windings and bearings, vibration monitoring, insulated bearings, mounted brakes and encoders.

By this new motor-series Wölfer follows it´s own strategy to design and deliver motors for new clients and industries, especially for mining, steel-mills and thrusters on vessels. For sure we will even produce these motors for one of our current main markets, floating cranes and winch-applications in the offshore-market. In this market currently a lot of steel-welded-inner-cooled motors in IP23 are used. For all applications, in which a higher protection degree, for example IP56, is specified, the new water-jacket-cooled motors can be used, instead of currently used surface-air-cooled-motors. In these cases the new motors are more compact and provide a smaller, lighter and more dynamic design than in the past.

Water-jacket-cooled-motors will be available in 4-pole and 6-pole-design in IEC-frame sizes 180 up to IEC-frame-size 450.

If you are interested in this new motor-series please contact our sales department (sales@woelfer-motoren.com).