Wölfer production is stable. We inform!

With appropriate awareness, Wölfer is to be produced in the warehouse. Currently no case of sick employees in the company is known. No case of COVID-19 is currently known at the FWO and the manufacture of the motors can be carried out without interruption!

 Wölfer is sensitized!

The Franz Wölfer Elektromaschinenfabrik sensitizes the employees regarding prevention to protect against infection with COVID-19. Regular hand washing is at the top of the list of measures, as well as a ban on shaking hands and an appeal to all employees to protect themselves as best they can.

No infection is currently known within the company and business operations can be maintained. We deal responsibly with the situation and inform our customers if the situation makes it necessary or delivery delays occur. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. +49 541 99022 - 99