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Straddle Carriers

Straddle Carriers are rubber-tired vehicles used primarily for transporting containers on land.

They are constructed in such a way that they can straddle the parked container with their long supports, attach the container with the spreader, raise it up off the ground and drive it away.

The drive power of the hoisting unit engine is 160 and 220 kilowatts. 4 drive motors each with a capacity of 45 kilowatts are usually required to drive the large, rubber-tired wheels.

Our drive motors are individually produced for use in Straddle Carriers and, in comparison with serial motors, are extremely efficient. This means a significant reduction in energy costs. Straddle Carriers equipped with Wölfer motors pay for themselves within a very short period. We supply these Straddle Carrier drive motors directly to the crane constructors and also offer spare parts deliveries and services at service@woelfer-motoren.com or 0049 541 99022 99.